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Mohd Shah Nizam Bin Azis


NizamAzis started playing kompang during his primary school days after being inspired by listening the rhythms produced by the local village cultural group. He also performed at many weddings and official openings in his early years.

In 1999, NizamAzis joined percussion classes, concentrating mainly in bongos, under Malaysia’s world percussion genius, Steve Thornton (Mohd Hassan Ali Bin Abdullah). NizamAzis then chanced to perform with a number of local groups, among which were Afro Asia, DQWH (Qasidah Nabawiyyah), Recycle Mode, Afro Laut, Bagouztic, Aseana Percussion Unit (A.P.U), Sharidir & NizamAzis, Tugu Drum Circle, TribeVibes, Sky High, Asika, Didgiribut, La Viva, and Rhumba Nusa. Gaininr rapid skill and recognition of his talents, NizamAzis has backed several top Malaysian personalities, such as Alwi Al-Hadad, Dato’ Ahmad Nawab, Raihan, Dato’ Sharifah Aini, Mawi, Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza, Too Phat, Dato’ M.Nasir, Zainal Abidin, Dato’ Sheila Majid, Ramli Sarip, Khatijah Ibrahim, Noryn Aziz, Nakkeeran and Reshmonu, as well as had the opportunity to perform alongside the world renown Sadao Watanabe (Japan), Gina G (Curacao), Micheal and Victor (Taiwan), Cheb Ali (Egypt), Dawud Wasaby (USA), Zain Bhika (Africa), Valtinho Anastasio (Brasil), Bruno Martinez and Marco Antonio De La Rosa (Cuba)

NizamAzis has had his fair share of TV appearances, having appeared on all the local TV networks music productions. He has participated in prestigious events such as Radio TV Malaysia’s (RTM’s) Konsert Gemilang, TV 3’s – MHI with A.P.U, Juara Lagu’03 with Yasin, Juara Lagu’06 with Bob AF and Aspalela Abdullah, NTV 7 – Rainforest World Music Festival with A.P.U, M.Nasir Merdeka Concert featuring Suara Hutan, Riang Ria Raya bersama KFC and, 8 TV’s Latte with Jason Lo and A.P.U, 9 TV’s Sounds of Islam Concert’06, Astro Ria TV’s – Vanavil with Steve Thornton and A.P.U, Konsert AC Di Sini (Backed Mawi and Mila), Akademi Fantasia 1 with Azizi, Bila Larut Malam, Afdlin Shauki with Steve Thornton, AL-HIJRAH’s TV –Salam Raya Steve Thornton

Earning a living as a session recording artist, NizamAzis has carved his creative percussive mark into many Malaysian albums, be it of Malay, Indian, Chinese or Western genres. His versatile handling of various percussions, including the kompang, jidur, rebana melayu, cajon, djembe, and other drums make him a highly sought after and recognized artist.

NizamAzis founder of Kenekeje Production. Composed a song call ‘Sampah’ and produced a single project album with KPSWP (Kumpulan Pengutip Sampah Wilayah Persekutuan) title ‘Sampah’ in year 2008. This song is dedicated to all the garbage collectors in the whole universe.

NizamAzis’s performance highlights include UK Tours with Raihan, performing with Malaysian Superstar Siti Norhaliza, performing at the Rainforest World Music Festival with APU, and performing with Sadao Watanabe at the Phillips International World Music Festival.