Greg Henderson

Greg01Greg Henderson was born in Sydney, Australia in 1966. His father was a trumpet player is a jazz quartet, and although his mother was unmusical, she had a flair for art and listened to music constantly. It was in this musical environment that Greg was raised. At the age of 7 Greg showed an interest in learning to play classical guitar. That interest quickly turned to resistance once the hard work of actually practicing became apparent. Nonetheless his father insisted that he finish 5 years of tuition, and assured Greg that when reached the age of 12 years old he could make his own decision about whether he would like to continue leaning the instrument.

At the age of 12, Greg gave up playing guitar. Time went by, and a few years later Greg resumed his interest in music during his high school years, when it became clear to him that girls were often impressed by guitar-playing boys. Greg suddenly took up guitar playing seriously, also teaching himself piano at the age of 15, and drums a few years later.

Upon leaving school Greg landed a job as a coffee boy at the world renowned EMI Studios 301. During the 3 years of his employment at the studios, Greg learned the art of recording music, and had the opportunity to work alongside the very best producers, engineers and musicians in Australia. He quickly rose through the ranks from coffee boy to assistant engineer and finally in-house engineer. Greg recorded his first No. 1 hit in Australia during this time, a song called The Dead Heart by Midnight Oil.

Greg left 301 at the age of 21 and began a career in freelance music engineering and production that continues to this day. During his 20’s, Greg’s freelance career in Australia blossomed and was highlighted by several nominations and two record industry awards for Australian Recording Engineer Of The Year in 1991 and 1992. Greg also had his first international hit during this time, mixing Craig McLachlan’s “Mona” which went to No. 1 in the UK.

In 1995 Greg was offered a 3 month job in Singapore, producing commercials. Three months turned into 18 months, as Greg embraced the South East Asian lifestyle. In 1997 Greg accepted another job offer in Malaysia as Senior Engineer at Synchrosound Studios. Greg worked at Synchrosound on and off over the years that have followed, and during this time he has built up a reputation as one of Malaysia’s foremost record producers. Greg has been nominated 15 times for various AIM awards and has won 3 times.

In 2006 Greg was invited to play in World music fusion outfit Prana. alongside musical legends Jamie Wilson, Prakash Kandasamy, S Sivabalan and Samuel J Dass for a series of shows at Bangsar Actors Studio to benefit victims of the 2004 tsunami. The shows went so well that Greg was invited to play in the band on a permanent basis.

It is through this association that Greg now appears with AkashA.