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17 JUNE 2013


The crowd at the recent Penang World Music Festival at the Botanical Gardens had already been entertained by a number of global acts by the time AkashA went on stage. And after the colourful and eclectic national costumes from the previous bands, the audience murmured curiously at the seven men in simple, white linen outfits who settled down before a mindboggling array of sitar and guitars, mridangam, drums and other percussion instruments..read more

Akasha22 APRIL, 2013

PWMF 2013

Malaysia’s very own multiple award winning 8 piece band Akasha soon had the crowd eating out of their hands with their upbeat fusion of classical Indian, Malay, Chinese and just about everything else imaginable, all played at a seemingly psychotic pace led by Sitar Maestro Kumar Karthigesu..read more




Marisa R Ng with her favourite painting, Bafana Bafana.SUNDAY, JANUARY 27 2013

Weathering the storm

AkashA comprises Jamie Wilson (guitar), Kumar (sitar), Eric Li (piano, keyboard), Greg Henderson (bass), Sivabalan (percussion and mridangam), Vick (percussions and tabla) and Mohd Shah Nizam Aziz (percussions). One of Asia’s top fusion bands, AkashA has released two albums — Into AkashA and Karakoram Highway — since its debut four years ago. Marisa, meanwhile,  decided on the collaboration with AkashA after a chance meeting with the group’s founder, Siva, last year….read more


New wine, old bottles

MALAYSIAN world music fusion band AkashA is really excited over being invited by the US Embassy to perform with bluegrass specialists Cathy Fink, Marcy Marxer and Barbara Lamb at 6.30pm on Monday and Tuesday night at the MAS Training Centre, Kelana Jaya, PJ.Why excited? Well, because this would be the band’s first experience working with Grammy award-winners, which the first two are.  read more



New feather in AkashA’s cap

MALAYSIAN world music fusion band AkashA is really excited over being invited by the US Embassy to perform with bluegrass specialists Cathy Fink, Marcy Marxer and Barbara Lamb, next month because this would be the band’s first experience with Grammy award-winners. “It’s an honour,” said mrindhagam player, vocalist and bandleader Sivabalan Shanmuga Sundram. “To be invited to perform with artistes from such a different genre is another feather in our cap.” …read more


Ants In Your Turban rocks!

LOCAL India fusion band AkashA will be featuring the paintings of Marisa R. Ng (pic), all inspired by tracks like Ants In Your Turban from the band’s albums — Into AkashA and Karakoram Highway — in their show, AkashA Gets Dirty at Dirty Nelly’s (Life Centre, Jalan Sultan Ismail, KL) at 9.30pm, tonight. This is a preview of Marisa’s exhibition — Monsoons Of My Soul — to be held in conjunction with AkashA’s concert in mid-January with an award-winning bluegrass trio from the USA …read more



AkashA gets dirty

The word on Facebook now is that AkashA is getting dirty! Yeah, you heard it right!
This time around, our very own magnificent seven are doing it at Dirty Nelly’s, KL Life Centre, Jalan Sultan Ismail, next Friday, and they want you to get dirty, too, whether its nodding to the music, clinking away with the signature cocktail (Bloody Nelly’s, of course) or getting your fingers into some delectable snacks like crispy swine (siew yoke) while dancing to the music or drooling through the sherry trifle dessert. ..read more

Jamie Wilson in a musical world of his own.FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2012

Akasha delivers spirited performance

GEORGE TOWN: IT was a performance that stirred the soul and spirit. Akasha Malaysia or simply Akasha produced another long-awaited performance called The Spirit of Akasha at Wawasan Open University recently. The musicians, all masters of their individual instruments in their own right, provided music that was infectious….read more


Akasha is an  internationally recognised and award-winning group.TUESDAY, AUGUST 28 2012

Akasha to hold Merdeka concert

GEORGE TOWN: This year’s Merdeka Day is going to be a delight as fusion music group, Akasha, will be performing at Wawasan Open University, here. The internationally recognised and award-winning group is a vibrant band that seeks to explore beyond the boundaries of tradition and culture. It consists of seven unique musicians, all masters of their own instruments, who come from different races. …read more


AkashA celebrates Merdeka in Penang

YOU have to speak to organiser Anne Denise Choon about this concert to believe her passion and excitement when she talks of her favourite music subject -AkashA! “Seven uniquely talented musicians, all masters of their instruments, coming together across all racial and religious barriers to blend the best from all the traditions and cultures Malaysia has to off er,” Choon, a volunteer nurse to palliative care cancer patients, said… read more


On an Akashic high

LOCAL Indian fusion band AkashA is really excited with being invited to perform at the Phuket International Blues Rock Festival 2012, which runs from Feb 23-26. Why excited? Well, because this would be the band’s third consecutive appearance at the three-day festival which headlines major blues and rock artistes from all around the world. “It’s an honour and privilege to be invited,” said mrindhagam player and vocalist Sivabalan Shanmuga Sundram. “To be invited thrice to a festival which celebrates different genres it is definitely a feather in our cap.”..read more

Karakoram Highway

THERE’S little doubt that AkashA is one of the most important bands performing in Malaysia today. A seven-piece fusion outfit that draws its influences from a range of instrumental acts like Shakti and the Penguin Cafe Orchestra, AkashA comprises Jamie Wilson (guitar), Kumar Kathigesu (sitar), Eric Li (piano), Greg Henderson (bass), S. Sivabalan (mridangam), Vick Ramakrishnan (tabla) and Nizam p. (ethnic percussion). AkashA was formed out of the ashes of two earlier projects – Prana and Inner Space. …read more


SHOWBIZ: At the Crossroads

CALLING world music fans! Seven-piece Malaysian fusion band, Akasha, is collaborating with Grammy-winning folk instrumentalists Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer and Barbara Lamb for a concert, Crossroads. Experience the enchanting music crafted by Akasha and the trio on Monday and Tuesday (8pm at MAS Academy Auditorium, Kelana Jaya. Tickets are RM20 each. To make reservations, call 019-4216537 or 013-4406128, or email annechoon@yahoo.com. An art exhibition entitled Monsoons by Marisa Ng will be held in conjunction with this event. ...read more


Crossing genres

WORLD music fans can look out for Crossroads, an “American Music Abroad” project featuring Cathy Fink, Marcy Marxer and Barbara Lamb in a collaborative performance alongside AkashA (pic). Making music of the folk/American roots genre, the trio of ladies from Kensington, Maryland in the United States, are trailblazers in creating new sounds using old instruments: Fink plays the banjo, guitar and ukulele; Marxer plays the guitar, mandolin, and washboard; Lamb plays the fiddle. …read more


Crossroads: A Collaborative ConcertCrossroads: A Collaborative Concert

Local 7-piece band AkashA Malaysia and Grammy-winning folk duo Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer along with Barbara Lamb present a night of collaborative musical wonder aptly titled Crossroads. Organised by the Embassy of United States of America and American Music Abroad, don’t miss the rare opportunity to see both acts under one roof. …read more

Crossroads – a collaborative performance

AkashA Malaysia together with the Embassy of United States of America is proud to present to you one such collaborative performance, CROSSROADS. Bringing together Grammy award winning folk and bluegrass trio from USA to share the stage with AkashA for 2 electrifying performances. Alongside the main event is a free art exhibition entitled MONSOONS by Ms. Marisa R Ng, inspired by the music of AkashA. ..read more



AkashA set for debut performance

The plurality and purity of music is what keeps fusion outfit AkashA ahead of the game. There couldn’t be a better name than AkashA for the local group of musicians who have gathered quite a following for themselves, both at home and abroad, through their dynamic and inventive style of world fusion music. Roughly translated as “space”, the Sanskrit word is an apt moniker because each musician is given ample space to explore their respective genres and instruments. …read more


AkashA beraksi di DFP

ELEPAS Sasterawan Negara, Datuk A Samad Said dan penyanyi Zainal Abidin meraih peluang mengadakan persembahan di Dewan Filharminik Petronas (DFP), Oktober lalu, kini ruang dibuka pula kepada kumpulan pemuzik tempatan, AkashA. Ditubuhkan dua tahun lalu, AkashA ditunjangi tujuh anggota, Jamie Wilson Abdullah selaku pemain gitar, gambus dan penyanyi, Mohd Nizam Azis (perkusi), Sivabalan Shanmuga Sundram (mridangam/ginjira/ vokal perkusi), Greg Henderson (basis), Eric Li (piano), Vick Ramakrishnan (tabla/ vokal perkusi) dan Kumar Karthigesu (sitar). … read more



AkashA wows fans at memorable concert

FOR a group that doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously, AkashA sure has some serious skill when it comes to performing… and that is definitely part of its appeal. The homegrown band may be all about the banter and carefree musical style, but once those inticate guitar runs, sitar raagas and piano scales start fusing with some serious percussion, you know you’re in the presence of some fine musicians. …read more

FRIDAY, JUNE 26, 2009

Different strokes

Born and bred in Malaysia, the world music outfit AkashA straddles diverse genres and styles. BIG names they may be, but the members of music group AkashA would much rather be known for their music. The group comprises some fine musicians from a plethora of genres: Jamie Wilson (guitar), S. Sivabalan (mridangam), Greg Henderson (bass), Kumar Karthigesu (sitar), Vick Ramakrishnan (tabla), Badar Ben Taleb (percussion), and Eric Li (piano). “It’s really more about the music and less about the musicians,” shares Henderson during a recent interview. …read more


Witty titles, delightful music

THEY took last year’s Rainforest Music Festival by storm, and judging by their performance at a recent concert in Penang, it is little wonder that all-Malaysian band AkashA continue to receive thunderous ovations wherever they go. Themed Into.AkashA, the live concert held at the Temple of Fine Arts Penang featured an eclectic collection of tunes from their latest album, predominantly classical Indian music interwoven with western. It was a seamless bonding of eastern and western instruments and musical genres. …read more

FRIDAY, MARCH 20, 2009

Akasha to serve up great fusion vibes

WORLD music fans can have blast on March 22 and 23 when Akasha takes the stage at the KL Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC) in Sentul. Akasha is Jamie Wilson (compositions, guitar, gambus, vocals), Sivabalan Shanmuga Sundram (mridangam, ganjira, vocal percussions), Greg Henderson (bass guitar), Kumar Karthigesu (sitar, dilruba), Vick Ramakrishnan (tabla, vocal percussions) and Badar Ben Taleb (world percussions, vocals). …read more