Into… AkashA (2009)

  1. Bourbon Lassi
  2. Esperanto
  3. Damascus
  4. Irish Joget For Sitar, Ganjeera And Tenor Ukalele
  5. Karunaa
  6. Brickfields Blues
  7. Bombay Bossanova
  8. Java Raaga
  9. Ants In My Turban
  10. Kunna Kool


Into… AkashA, a compilation of diverse genres of music, woven together with a the magical thread of acoustic ethnic instruments from around the globe. Sitar with guitar, tabla with djembe, mridangam played to bass guitar, jazz piano, Indian Raga style. Irish Riverdance with a hint of American blues, Indian ‘konnukol’ or voice percussion laid on a Spanish plateau…..the connection and seamless bonding of Eastern and Western instruments and world genres presents itself in this thrilling album, taking the listener deep into a sublime environment of musical bliss…deep into AkashA.

AkashA’s opening concoction of Bourbon Lassi highlights Indian vocal percussions from North and South India, opening the doors to a lively Irish step dance tune which moves on to a blues riff, and finishing with a flourish. Other exciting numbers offered by the band are Ants in my Turban, with its hint of a Russian march, Damascus, presenting the exotic rhythms of the long ago Persian era; the bossanova, Indian style, in Bombay Bossanova, and not – so – classic American blues on the sitar, in Brickfields Blues. Also listen out for Indian Vocal percussions taking a strange twist in Kunna Cool.

AkashA is Jamie Wilson (compositions, guitar, gambus, vocals), Sivabalan Shanmuga Sundram (mridangam, ganjira, vocal percussions), Greg Henderson (bass guitar), Kumar Karthigesu (sitar, dilruba), Vick Ramakrishnan (tabla, vocal percussions), Badar Ben Taleb (world percussions, vocals), and Eric Li (piano). Audiences can look forward to the live, improvised interplay between the artists, which will vary greatly from the track recordings, with passionate spontaneity exploding as the enthusiasm of the audience builds!

All songs composed and arranged by
Jamie Wilson @ Jamil Wilson Abdullah

Kunna Kool composed and arranged by
Jamie Wilson @ Jamil Wilson Abdullah, Sivabalan S. Shanmuga Sundram and Vic Ramakrishnan

Produced by
Jamie Wilson @ Jamil Wilson Abdullah and Greg Henderson @ M. Shafiq B. Abdullah

Recorded and engineered by
Greg Henderson @ M. Shafiq B. Abdullah

Recorded at
Greg’s Place and Matahati (Kings) Studio

Guest Musicians
Prakash Kandasamy – Tabla/Kunnakol (vocal) & Alonso Gonzalez – Latin Percussions

Mogethen Gowrisan

Album Design/Illustration
Priscilla Raj